Why Air Conditioning Services Are Good For Your Home

12 September 2023
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Summer is just around the corner, and everyone is gearing up for the heat and humidity that comes with it. While you can always take a trip to the beach to cool down, it's harder to escape the heat when you're inside your home. That's why having a properly functioning air conditioning system is crucial for homeowners. 1. Improved Indoor Air Quality A properly maintained air conditioning system has the power to enhance the air quality in your home by effectively eliminating harmful pollutants and allergens, resulting in improved indoor air quality. Read More 

When To Commission AC Service Even If The System Runs

17 August 2023
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Don't assume your air conditioner is sound just because it is running. Malfunctions do not always stop the AC from running; they may reduce energy efficiency, cooling efficiency or even shorten the system's lifespan. You can avoid such consequences by fixing AC malfunctions immediately after they occur. Below are signs you need AC diagnosis and repair. High-energy Costs The AC draws the electricity it needs to run the motors, run the fans, and circulate the refrigerant between the indoor and outdoor units. Read More 

Major Warning Signs Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning

26 July 2023
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Clean air ducts in your home are essential for a healthy living environment. However, over time, dust, allergens, and even mold can accumulate in your duct system, posing risks to both your health and the overall quality of indoor air. Learning the warning signs that it is time for duct cleaning can help you take decisive action. Warning: Excessive Dust Accumulation A common sign that your ducts need cleaning is excessive dust accumulation throughout your home. Read More 

3 Tips For Troubleshooting Your Heating System

29 June 2023
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It can be frustrating to deal with a heating system that is malfunctioning, especially when the cold weather hits. While there are many problems that will require an HVAC technician to fix for you, some of them any homeowner should be capable of doing on their own. Here are a few tips and tricks to troubleshoot basic problems so that you can fix them.   Change Air Filters Do you remember the last time you changed your air filter? Read More 

Important Things To Know About Having Your AC “Charged”

15 June 2023
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If you have an air conditioner, then there is a good chance a friend or acquaintance has, at some point, asked you about having that air conditioner "charged." Perhaps this has left you wondering if you need to call an HVAC contractor and arrange for this service. You might, but you also might not. There's a lot of misinformation floating around about what charging an air conditioner really means and when this needs to be done. Read More