3 Unlikely Reasons Your Furnace Keeps Shutting Off

24 May 2023
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While furnaces are relatively complex appliances, they tend to fail in fairly predictable ways. Components such as igniters or draft inducers often wear out, causing your furnace to fail to light or preventing the control board from passing its safety checks. While these problems can be frustrating, they're also relatively easy to diagnose and repair. If your furnace keeps shutting off, the underlying cause is probably a fairly common one. On the other hand, it may be due to one of these three unlikely issues that can stop your furnace cold. Read More 

A Lack Of Heating System Maintenance Can Lead To A Fire

4 May 2023
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Routine maintenance of your home's heating system is not just essential to maintaining access to warm air. Maintenance is also an important part of keeping the system operating safely. A unit that is not maintained correctly can introduce several safety issues, including a fire hazard. Faulty Wiring Some heating systems are electricity-based. As with any other electrical system, wiring issues can cause a significant problem. As a heating system ages, the condition of its wiring can wear. Read More 

Understanding Geothermal HVAC Systems

11 April 2023
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Geothermal heating HVAC systems have become increasingly popular in recent years. These systems harness the soil's natural temperature regulation capabilities to provide efficient heating and cooling for homes and businesses.  What Are Some Of The Important Benefits Of Geothermal Heating And Air? An important reason to choose geothermal HVAC systems is their energy efficiency. Unlike traditional heating and air conditioning units that rely on electricity or gas to generate heat, geothermal systems tap into the temperatures below ground level. Read More 

Air Conditioning Repair Services: 4 Repair Solutions To Fix A Leaking AC

20 March 2023
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An air conditioning unit that leaks water outside can be a stressful and potentially dangerous problem. Although small leaks are normal, especially during heavy rains and storms or extremely hot days, a large amount of water can cause serious property damage and even lead to the growth of mold inside your home. If your air conditioner leaks water, it's important to act quickly and hire a professional technician to repair the damage. Read More 

Are You Making These Mistakes When Selecting An HVAC Company?

2 March 2023
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Choosing a contractor to work on your home means developing a relationship with a company that will help you care for and improve your greatest asset. An HVAC contractor will do everything from keeping your current heating and cooling systems well-maintained to recommending and installing new systems. These jobs can often profoundly impact your comfort and your home's resale value.  Unfortunately, many people don't treat finding a new HVAC contractor as seriously as they should. Read More