5 Signs You Need A Commercial Refrigeration Repair

21 April 2018
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If you own a restaurant, a supermarket, a convenience store, or any other business that uses refrigerators, you may occasionally need to contact a company about repairs. Here are five signs it's time to call for help. 1. Your Fridges Don't Hold Temp Ideally, you should take the temperature of your fridges several times per day. In fact, most health codes require you to check the temps on a regular basis and keep a log. Read More 

Improve Your AC’s Efficiency With These 3 Easy Steps

13 March 2018
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Would you like to know how to increase your air conditioner's efficiency in three easy steps? Your air conditioning seems like a complicated system, but it is a really simple set-up once you understand how and why it works the way it does. And its efficiency all starts with those intake vents you have placed around your house. If you care for those vents and the air going into them, you are well on your way to making your air conditioner work very well. Read More 

2 Factors To Consider When Purchasing A New Toilet

25 January 2018
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If your toilet just keeps breaking down and needs to be fixed, it may be a smart investment to pay your maintenance person who knows how to perform commode repair to just install a new toilet for you instead of having them continue to fix your old toilet. When looking for a new toilet, the two major factors you need to take into consideration is noise and size. Noise When choosing a toilet, think about where it is located and how much noise is okay. Read More