Have Central Heating And Cooling? 3 Mistakes That Can Cause Premature Failure

30 January 2017
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Getting the longest lifespan as possible out of your major appliances is always important to homeowners. A furnace can last approximately 20 years, and air conditioners last about 16 years. That said, there are some mistakes you can make that will cause these appliances to prematurely fail, causing you to pay for an expensive repair or replacement. Avoid doing these three things.

Now Clearing Plants From Around the Condenser

Your air conditioner will have an outdoor component known as the condenser, and over time, it's possible for plants to grow close to the unit. This includes grass, weeds, and even brush, which all look innocent to the typical homeowner. These things can block the ventilation of the condenser, which puts unnecessary stress on the unit's motor. Ignoring the problem will cause the condenser to prematurely fail. 

You must take the time to cut back any plants that are growing around the unit, making it a regular habit throughout the summer. You may even need to relocate nearby bushes that are growing near the condenser.

Not Replacing the Air Filter

All air that passes through the HVAC system must go through the air filter. If this filter is clogged, it will make it hard for the HVAC system to do its job. More stress is put on the entire system since it must run for longer periods of time, which can cause it to fail. You'll also see higher energy bills as a result of the entire system working harder than necessary. Follow the recommendation by the HVAC system's manufacturer when it comes to replacing the filter. Keep extra filters in your home so that you can replace them right away instead of putting the task off indefinitely.

Not Cleaning the Air Duct

Are your air filters getting dirty very fast? It's possible that the air ducts are dirty and need to be cleaned. Having dirty air ducts not only causes more allergens to be in the air, but it also causes dust to travel through the system and get on parts like the condenser coil. A dirty condenser coil can cause the coil to be less efficient, putting more stress on the part to get your home to the right temperature.

The whole HVAC system must be working together in harmony to prevent premature failure. If you find yourself in need of a repair or new installation, contact a local HVAC technician like those at Pristine Air Conditioning Corp that can help do it for you.