3 Tips For Putting Off Turning On Your Heater This Fall

3 August 2015
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With fall approaching, you are probably looking forward to cooler, more comfortable temperatures and lower electric bills. After a long summer of paying high rates to keep your home cool, you are probably ready for a little bit of financial relief before you have to start heating your home for the winter. However, it can get rather chilly during the fall as well, and your home might get a little too cool if you don't turn on your heater right away. Luckily, there are a few ways that you can put off turning on your heater until the temperatures fall even more.

1. Start Preparing Fall Comfort Foods

After a summer of barbecuing and enjoying summertime food, you might be ready for the heartier comfort foods of fall. Plus, preparing these meals at home can help you keep your home warm without turning on your heater. If you start baking yummy pumpkin pies, hearty casseroles and other fall favorites in your oven, the natural heat from opening and closing the oven can help add a little bit of heat to your home. This can make it a bit cozier without having to turn on the heat. Plus, your fall foods are sure to help warm you up as well.

2. Enjoy Hot Beverages

During the hot summer, you might not have consumed as much coffee as usual. Now that the temperatures are starting to cool down again, however, you might be craving something hot and fresh in your mug. To really get excited about the fall season, try sipping on delicious apple cider, straight from a mug. Other good options include flavored coffee -- you can even purchase pumpkin spice-flavored coffee or coffee creamer -- or hot chocolate. When you're sipping on your favorite hot beverages, you are sure to feel a bit warmer.

3. Make Snuggling Up Easy

In many cases, all you need is a cozy throw to get warm on a crisp fall day. Make this easy for yourself and your family by putting throws in convenient areas around your home so that they are easy to grab. Consider choosing throws that come in shades of brown, orange and other fall-related colors to simultaneously add a touch of autumn to your home decor.

If you want to wait to turn on your heater after paying pricey summer electric bills, it's completely understandable. If you give these three ideas a try, you can transition into fall nicely without turning on your heater just yet. For more help with heating issues, get in touch with a service such as Mike's Bremen Service Inc.