Four Reasons Why An Electric Heat Pump Is Worth Considering

10 August 2015
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Are you struggling to decide if a heat pump is right for your home? There are a few reasons why you should definitely consider one of these cost-saving units.

First, before diving in to the advantages of an electric heat pump, it may be beneficial to have an idea of how these machines operate. A heat pump is usually geothermal, meaning it's located underground, or air-source, meaning it's located outside in the open air. Heat pumps don't work the way traditional heating systems do-- instead, they draw heat from the outside, and use electricity to bring the air to a higher temperature before distributing it throughout the home. When you turn on the air conditioning, a heat pump draws the hot air out of the house. The primary job of a heat pump is to simply transfer heat from one location to another.

Less pollution

Electric heat pumps are generally very environmentally friendly. Because they're fueled by electricity, they use no fossil fuels. They also give off minimal emissions--which is good for the environment--and, since no carbon monoxide is produced by the unit, it's also safer for your home.

Cheaper heating and cooling costs

Because heat isn't being generated--merely moved--a heat pump can cut down on your home's heating and cooling costs. This is especially true if you live in a moderate climate, but heat pumps can be a practical way to save money no matter where you live. In fact, you could save between 30 and 40 percent each year, depending on your location and how well your heat pump is maintained.

The initial investment is more with a heat pump, but the lower annual costs can make that investment worthwhile.

Less dry air in the winter

If you're prone to dry skin, here's some good news--heat pumps don't dry out the air in your home as much as traditional heating systems do. For those that are sensitive to dry air, this can be hugely beneficial--it may even save you from having to run a humidifier during the drier months.

Less equipment to maintain

In a house using traditional heating and cooling methods, you have two separate pieces of equipment to worry about: your heater, and your air conditioner. Heat pumps combine the two, so instead of spending time and money on upkeep and repairs for two units, you only need to worry about one.

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