What's Required To Rent A Boiler While Yours Is Being Repaired?

12 August 2015
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As the sizes of boilers decrease and efficiency improves, boiler rental is feasible for many businesses. When your main boilers need to be shut down for repairs, renting a boiler to power your business needs is often more cost effective than shutting down completely for any length of time.

In other cases, you may find that you need additional power for a special project, and renting a boiler is less expensive and involved than purchasing your own.

To plan your boiler rental, talk to your boiler repair expert for a referral to their preferred local or regional rental company. While you will need to check with each rental company for their policies, you can expect your rental company to require the following:


You will be responsible for any damage incurred to the boiler while you're renting it, much like any large industrial equipment rental. Check with your insurance company to see if you will need additional coverage for the rental. In most cases, the same policy that covers your existing, on-site boiler will also work for the rental.


While the boiler will be delivered to your company, you'll need your own staff to unload the rental. The exception is if you rent a mobile unit that is housed in a van or trailer. These are typically driven into place and hooked up as needed.

Feedwater Treatment.

The same process you use to treat the water that powers your boiler should be suitable for your rental boiler. If special chemicals are required beyond your normal treatment, you can usually get these from the rental company, but you may be assessed a small additional fee.

Special Equipment.

The rental company is going to assume that you have an existing boiler on your site and will be able to utilize the tank, pump, regulator and hookups that you have for your permanent boiler unit. If you don't have someone on staff trained in how to disconnect your permanent boiler and hook up the rental unit, you will be responsible for hiring a contractor who can do so. You'll have to do the same once you're done using the rental and are reconnecting to your permanent boiler.

Start-up Service.

The process for starting up the rental boiler depends on whether you have a watertube or firetube system. The rental company can walk you through which is the best option (usually the same as what your permanent boiler uses).

Spare Parts.

If a part on your rental boiler fails while you are using it, it's reasonable to expect the rental company to replace it. Ask about your company's policy on how quickly spare parts are supplied and repairs are made to their rentals if something should go wrong. 


When you're done using the rental boiler, you'll need to follow some steps for washing it out before returning it. Typically, the rental company will have an inspection checklist that you can use to ensure that you've met all their requirements for return.

If you have additional questions about boiler rental, talk to your boiler repair contractor for more information.