Four Ways To Install Central AC In Homes With Limited Space

14 September 2015
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Your old home may not have central AC, and if you have limited space, adding AC can be challenging. There are many different solutions that you may want to consider, such as using compact ducts or a ductless system. These solutions are great for renovations and adding AC to existing homes with limited space. Here are some solutions that you may want to consider to add central AC to your home:

1. Using Compact Ducts To Save Space

If you want to be able to save space with your new AC installation, a compact duct system can be a good solution. These are systems that have ducts the size of your plumbing drain pipes. These systems also use a high velocity delivery, which is quiet and can improve the air quality in your home. The dry air in your home from these systems can also reduce the energy needed to cool your home because, you can achieve a level of comfort at higher temperatures.

2. Ductless AC For Small Homes And Light Cooling

Ductless systems can be another great solution for the cooling in your home. These are systems that do not have any ducts and can cost less to install. This is because they have less materials and labor for their installation. A single ductless system can be a good solution for a small home that has minimal cooling needs.

3. Mini-Split Ductless For A Zoned AC Design Without Ducts

Mini-split systems can also be a good solution to your home's cooling needs. These are ductless systems that have more than one indoor unit connected to one outdoor heat pump. A split system can be good for larger homes that need to have a zoned HVAC solution. For homes with more than one level, you may want to consider separate systems for the different floors in your home.

4. Evaporative Cooling With An Out-of-the-Way Attic Installation

Evaporative cooling can be a great solution for areas with dry summer months. These systems work differently than conventional cooling and can use less energy. They can be installed on a rooftop with ductwork in the attic to provide your home with the cooling that you need. Today, there are also hybrid systems that combine conventional AC with evaporative cooling to maximize the efficiency of your cooling.

These are some things that you may want to consider when adding a compact AC system to your home. If you are ready to have air conditioning added to your home, contact an HVAC contractor like Action Appliance Services and talk with them about some of these solutions for your home.