Prevent Property Damage With Regular Washer And Dryer Maintenance

3 December 2015
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Most homeowners want to do everything they can to prevent damage to their property. When you think about damage to your home caused by water, usually a flood or even a leaking roof may come to mind. Most people think about home fires being caused by faulty wiring or lightning from severe storms. However, while your washer and dryer are working hard in the background to help you keep up the laundry, you may be surprised to know the kind property damage each of them could cause if not properly maintained.

Washing Machine Flooding Is More Common Than You Might Think

The average washer uses a lot of water to wash one regular load of laundry, about 30 gallons to be exact. When you think about that much water flowing out onto your floor, you can see how water damage caused by failing washer can be costly to repair. Following a few simple maintenance tips like these can help you prevent expensive water damage commonly caused by washing machine problems:

  • Removing and replacing old hoses: When checking your washer's rubber hoses, be sure to replace them if you see cracks in them. A crack is the precursor to a bursting hose. Steel-jacketed hoses are the best choice for longer lasting service. Avoid taping over cracks because tape will quickly lose its adhesion from moisture.
  • Cleaning filters: When you take off your washer's old hoses, look closely at the small, wire filters in the faucets they were hooked up to. Cleaning the filters can prevent the buildup of sediment that eventually leads to clogging. When clogging happens, the water can back into the hoses and cause them to burst.
  • Adding a sturdy drip pan: Putting a drip underneath your washer is a good idea to prevent water getting on your floor if your washer has a leak. You can find drip pans for your washing machine at most home improvement stores.

Dryers Can Be Huge Fire Hazards

A clothes dryer is one of the most common fire hazards in a home when it is not properly cared for and maintained. If you always make sure to clean the lint screen in between loads of laundry, bear in mind there are a couple of other steps you need to follow for ensuring your dryer is not at risk of catching fire:

  • Clean out the lint trap: When you take out the lint screen between each load of laundry, little bits of lint can remain stuck to it. Over time, those little pieces accumulate in the lint trap. Cleaning the lint trap regularly with a long brush can help dislodge accumulated lint for ensuring it does not get dry enough and hot enough to ignite.
  • Clean the ducts: The ducts going out of your dryer can also become clogged with bits of lint over time, creating an unseen, deadly fire hazard. Making it a point to remove and clean your dryer's ducts regularly in a good idea. Be sure to also clean the outside vent as well.

When you take the time to maintain your washer and dryer, you can easily get years of dependable service from them. For more information, contact companies like A to Z Appliance Heating & Cooling.