How To Straighten And Clean Your Condenser Coils

26 January 2017
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No matter how current or energy-efficient your condenser unit is, it will not be as effective if you don't regularly serviced it. There are a few simple things on your own to ensure that your condenser is running at maximum efficiency. Perhaps the best DIY project is to clean and straighten your condenser coils. This article explains the best tools and techniques for this job. If you perform this simple maintenance on a regular basic, it could definitely reduce your bills and increase the lifespan of your condenser unit.

Turn Off Your Condenser

Most condenser don't have a power switch, but it is still important to power it down. You will be spraying down your condenser with a hose, so you want to be sure the power is off to protect the vulnerable electric components. Your best bet is to just find the breaker switch for your condenser unit and turn it off.

Cleaning Your Coils

To properly straighten your coils, you will need to clean them out first. The coils have a basic design of thin aluminum rows. The space between each individual row can get clogged with dirt and debris. Since the coils are on the outer walls of the condenser, they are bound to get dirty, especially if there is a lot of dirt around your condenser. It is probably best if you clean your coils every year, right before summer starts.

Usually, all you have to do to clean your coils is to spray them down with water. Don't use too heavy of a stream because it could actually bend the coils. If the dirt between the metal rows does not seem to be coming out, you might need some cleaner to break it down. Most all purpose cleaner will get the job done.

Straightening Your Coils

You can find simple coil straightening tools at most home improvement stores. These are affordable and handy to have. Of course, combing through the metal rows is not always easy. The comb won't glide through the coils, so you will need to be patient. You also need to be careful so you don't bend or flatten the coils. The aluminum is lightweight and very bendable, so try to be gentle.

With you coils straighter and cleaner, your condenser should be much more efficient. Your system won't have to overcompensate to produce more energy in order to power the heat transfer processes. If you fear you might cause damage to the system, or don't have the right tools or skill for the job, contacting an air conditioning repair professional, like A Bailey Plumbing, could be a great way to have it fixed effectively.