5 Signs You Need A Commercial Refrigeration Repair

21 April 2018
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If you own a restaurant, a supermarket, a convenience store, or any other business that uses refrigerators, you may occasionally need to contact a company about repairs. Here are five signs it's time to call for help.

1. Your Fridges Don't Hold Temp

Ideally, you should take the temperature of your fridges several times per day. In fact, most health codes require you to check the temps on a regular basis and keep a log. If you notice that your fridges are constantly warmer than they should be, that's a sign that you need a repair.

2. The Compressor Never Turns Off

To keep your refrigerator at temp, the compressor kicks in runs for a while and then stops. Fridges are designed so that these components cycle on and off. If your compressor is constantly running, that's a sign that your refrigeration system isn't working as it should.

3. Your Refrigerator Is Short Cycling

On the other hand, your compressor may run for a few seconds and then turn off. This is called short cycling, and it's another sign that you're having issues. Typically, this means that the system doesn't have enough refrigerant. Unfortunately, you can't add refrigerant on your own. This element can only be handled by trained professionals.

Often, a lack of refrigerant means that you have a leak. In that case, you doubly need to contact a repair professional. There can be fines if you allow too much refrigerant to leak into the air.

4. The Seals Are Worn Out

In some cases, you may not have mechanical issues. Instead, you may just have broken seals on your refrigerator. Ideally, you should check the seals on a regular basis, and if you notice them tearing or degrading in any way, you should contact a commercial refrigeration company to replace them.

This can have a huge impact on how much it costs to run your refrigerator. When you have broken seals, that allows air to sneak in and out of the refrigerator, driving up its internal temperature and requiring more energy to run.

5. Your Bills Are Unusually High

Bad seals aren't the only issue that can lead to reduced efficiency. If you notice an unusually high refrigeration bill, you may want to rule out obvious culprits. For instance, if you had a lot more stuff in your refrigerators than usual, that can drive up costs. Similarly, if you were opening and closing the door much more often than usual, that can also increase the cost of running your refrigerator. In the absence of issues like that, you may want to contact a repair specialist.

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