3 Benefits Of Ductless Air Conditioning

4 June 2018
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Ductless air conditioning systems, like their name suggests, do not have a central unit and a ductwork system to move chilled air throughout your home. Instead, ductless units, sometimes also commonly referred to as ductless mini-splits, are individual units that only provide cooling to the room that they are installed in. This unique method of operation gives ductless air conditioning systems a few advantages when compared to their more traditional central forced air counterparts. Understanding what those advantages are can help you figure out which type of air conditioning system is the best fit for your needs.

1. Speed of Installation

One of the largest advantages associated with installing a network of ductless air conditioning units in your home instead of a single central unit is the fact that the installation process is much easier and straightforward. This is because your walls don't have to be ripped up to make room for ductwork, and only a small exhaust pipe has to be ran to the exterior of your property. This minimizes the amount of disruption to your home is associated with the installation process, and also helps keep labor costs low.

2. Efficiency

Another major advantage of choosing to make use of ductless air conditioning systems is the fact that they are highly efficient when compared to central units. This is for two main reasons: firstly, they do not have to transport chilled air very far, so there is no lost energy - instead, cooled air is dumped in the immediate surrounding area. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, is the fact that you can customize the temperatures in your home based on the room, meaning that you can choose to only cool down a single room instead of the entire house if you wish, reducing overall utility bills significantly.

3. Aesthetics and Flexibility

Another important consideration about ductless air conditioning units is the fact that they can be installed anywhere in your home, as long as there is a clear path for the small exhaust pipe. This means that you can place them up high and out of the way, or even on the ground if that would work better for your interior design. This provides you with a greater amount of customization and choice when it comes to your air conditioner when compared to central units, which require a great deal of space for their ducts and have to have their vents and registers installed in specific areas as a result.

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