Why You Need To Replace That Old Furnace

11 July 2018
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If you are using an old furnace that has reached the end of its life, you should replace it sooner rather than later. A replacement is called for even if the furnace is still running because of the complications and dangers of running an old furnace. Here are some of the reasons your old furnace needs to go.

It May Be Poisoning You

There are two main ways in which an aging furnace can poison your household; it can do this by producing carbon monoxide or leaking gas. Now, carbon monoxide is a byproduct of incomplete combustion, and it is very poisonous even in modest quantities. Your old furnace can easily produce carbon monoxide if it has a defect or malfunction that is interfering with its combustion process. The gas your furnace uses to heat the house is also poisonous when breathed in, and any crack or damage in the fuel lines can easily leak it.

It May Be Causing Respiratory Problems

Your furnace may also cause respiratory or even allergy issues in your household if it is too old and malfunctioning. An example is when the furnace is not getting adequate combustion air or is experiencing incomplete combustion, which typically causes overproduction of soot and smoke. This can be catastrophic for those who are allergic to soot, but it can cause respiratory or breathing problems in anyone.

It May Be Exaggerating the Operational Costs

There are two main things that affect the operational costs of a furnace: its fuel consumption and its repairs costs. Both of these costs may go up if you are running an old furnace. For example, an aging furnace is likely to experience frequent breakdowns and part replacements due to the wear and tear it has undergone over the years. The inevitable malfunctions and part deteriorations may also reduce the furnace's inefficiency, leading to increased fuel consumption as the furnace tries to keep up with your heating demands.

It May Be a Fire Hazard

Lastly, using an old furnace is also a fire hazard for your house, and there are several reasons for this. For one, the risk of a gas leak mentioned above can lead to an explosion or fire outbreak. Malfunctioning pilot lights, incomplete combustion, and poor ventilation are some of the other things that may cause fire outbreaks.

Hopefully, you will be able to replace your old furnace before it creates serious problems for you. Consult a technician or your favorite heating company like Laroc Refrigeration-Metal Division for a quote as soon as possible.