Want To Keep Your Air Conditioner Running Effectively? Don't Forget To Do These Tasks

13 September 2018
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During the sweltering summer months, it may be almost impossible to live without your air conditioner running all day and night. This puts a lot of stress on the appliance and could lead to its eventual breakdown or damage if not cared for correctly.

If you are wanting to keep your air conditioner running as effectively as possible, then don't forget to do these maintenance tasks.

Change the Air Filter Frequently

It's possible that you might not think to change the air conditioner's filter on a regular basis, but it's a very important task in keeping the machine running effectively during the summer months. Your air filter might get plugged up, which it will do over time, limiting the airflow through the machine making it work harder to cool your house. This could lead to burnout and higher electric bills.

You should change or at least clean your filter once a month during the summer. If you replace the filter, make sure it is the correct size for your unit and fits properly. You should also ensure the right type of filter is installed too: for example, a pleated filter vs a flat one.

Clean the Air Conditioner's Coils

If you want your air conditioner to run efficiently and smoothly all summer long, then you must clean its coils. They are located on the built-in central air unit placed outside of your home. They are easily accessible and you only need to clean them by spraying water to clean all dirt and dust off the unit. Always unplug the unit first, and the coils should be cleaned at least once a year, preferably before the start of the season.

An important fact to remember: if you clean or change your air filter on a regular basis, your coils will stay pretty clean for the lifetime of the unit. If you do not change your filter often, the coils themselves will act as a filter and get clogged over time.

Clean Your Ducts

For the most part, both your furnace and air conditioning units use the same ductwork and vents. If you want your air conditioner to effectively cool your rooms, you must have your ducts cleaned on a regular basis. This will help keep your energy costs low because with clean ducts, there is less debris and dust clogging the vents and preventing the air from cooling your home.

Contact an air conditioning maintenance service for more information on caring for your air conditioner.