How Fall Weather Can Impact Your Air Conditioning Unit

23 November 2018
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During the fall, you might start using your air conditioning unit a lot less than you did during the summer, or the weather might be cool enough in your area that you don't use it at all after the summer ends. However, fall weather can still impact your air conditioning unit in these ways.

Your Air Filters Can Become Clogged

First of all, if you have a central heating and air conditioning unit or a split system, then your heating and air conditioning units probably both use the same ducts and the same returns. This means that your air filters can become clogged during the winter, just as they can during the summer. Not being mindful and changing your air filters can impact both your heating system and your cooling system. Plus, you and your family could be impacted because of fall allergens that might not be filtered out properly because you haven't changed your filters when you should have. Changing your filters often all year long will help keep both your heating and air conditioning units in proper shape.

Air Might Not Be Able to Flow Properly Because of Debris

Fall debris like leaves and limbs can end up around your air conditioning unit. You might not even think about the possibility of this happening because you might not be using your air conditioning unit. Failing to think about it and not cleaning away leaves, limbs and other debris could put your air conditioning unit at risk when you do turn it back on, such as if there is an unseasonably warm day during the fall. All fall long, make sure to keep leaves and other debris cleaned up around your air conditioning unit, even if you aren't using it right now.

Debris Could Get Stuck in Your Unit

The same debris that could prevent air from flowing properly could also get stuck in your air conditioning unit. If you don't know about it, then you could have problems when you do turn your air conditioning unit back on. Watching out for debris and having your unit cleaned before you turn it back on will help you prevent this.

As you can see, the fall months can still be tough on your air conditioning unit, even if you aren't using it very often because of the fall weather. Being aware of how fall weather can impact your unit, taking precautions to protect your unit and working with a heating and air conditioning technician will all help you keep your air conditioning unit in good shape. Contact a company, like Dependable Heating & Cooling, for more help.