Signs Your Home Has A Hidden Water Leak And How A Plumber Finds And Repairs It

8 February 2019
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If you're shocked at the sight of your water bill when it comes in the mail, that's a good sign you have a water leak somewhere. It may be puzzling if you don't hear water and can't see any wet spots in your house. Sometimes, plumbing pipes are buried under the ground or underneath your foundation. When a pipe is buried, it's very difficult to know you have a leak until you get a high water bill. Here are some signs of a hidden water leak and how your plumber might fix it.

Signs Of A Water Leak Under Concrete Or Dirt

When a plumbing pipe is buried under the ground, it can be damaged by tree roots or movement of the soil. When the leak has been going on a while, the grass or plants above the leaking area may become very lush due to the extra water. You may also notice a drop in the water pressure of one or more of your faucets because the water is leaking out rather than being driven to the faucet with pressure. A leak that is under concrete can often be detected if you're observant since water can seep through concrete. An area of your foundation may have a water stain above the leaky pipe. You might also notice an increase in moisture-loving insects in your basement due to the wet floor and increased humidity in the room. Your basement might even develop a musty odor.

How A Plumber Tracks Down A Hidden Leak

A plumber can usually find a water leak that's hidden under a concrete slab or soil by using leak detecting equipment. It may be a time-consuming process to check the pipes for all the leaks because if your plumbing is old and corroded, there might be more than one leak. Technology such as pipe cameras, moisture meters, thermal cameras, and ultrasound equipment might be used in the hunt for the leak. This high-tech equipment allows the plumber to narrow down the leaky area without having to dig up pipes or bust up concrete just to look around.

How A Leaky Pipe Is Repaired

Once the hidden leak is found, it is repaired just like a leak in any other pipe. A new section of pipe may be soldered in place depending on the type of pipes you have. A new pipe might be necessary, and if all the pipes in your home show signs of aging and are in danger of leaking, the plumber might recommend repiping your house to fix problems before they cause damage.

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