Why Does Your HVAC System Need a Clean Air Filter?

11 June 2019
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Air filters are vital to your HVAC system, and coincidently one of the easiest things to maintain on your air conditioner. You should either replace or clean the air filter on a routine basis. If you forget or are too intimidated to change your own air filter, you should contact your HVAC technician to do it for you, as it is imperative to the functionality of your system. The following are some things you should know:

Why Are Clean Air Filters Important?

The air filter will prevent contaminants from getting inside your house and amongst the components of the system itself. A clean air filter ensures the system functions as it should so it has a long-lasting life. The filter prevents the debris from getting inside from outside the home. It also prevents the accumulation of dust on the components. In addition, a clean air filter prevents irritants from getting inside, many of which can harm your family. This is particularly important if anyone in your home suffers from any sort of respiratory distress.

What Are the Signs of a Dirty Air Filter?

If you have not checked the filter in a while, you may begin to notice some signs the filter is getting dirty. The first sign is a dirty HVAC grate inside your house. If you can see the dust on the grate, it is certain the filter is also filled with dust. Another sign is a significant buildup of dust inside your home on furniture and other surfaces.

What if You Do Not Have an Air Filter?

Although an HVAC system can work without a filter, you should never allow it to operate for too long without one. It is more beneficial to use a dirty air filter on a temporary basis until you can clean or replace it. The problem with no air filter is the damage it can do to the condensation draining system. Normally, the condensation inside the system gathers and goes into a pan within the system. Eventually, the pan will drain outside. The air filter is a barrier to any solid material within the condensation. Without a filter, the solids can get into the condensation and clog the pan. This causes a significant mess inside the system which requires a fix from your HVAC technician.

If you have trouble with your air filter properly cleaning your air, be sure to have your unit serviced by residential AC services.