How Smart Thermostats Can Save YOU Money

13 July 2019
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There is a craze sweeping the market o air conditioning services in the form of smart thermostats. A thermostat is the control unit of the air conditioning and heating system of your home. You simply set your thermostat to a specific temperature, and then it regulates your home. It checks the temperature continually, and whenever your home becomes hotter or cooler than that temperature, the thermostat kicks on the air conditioner or heater. Sounds basic enough. Why then is a smart thermostat necessary? Here are a few reasons why they may be worth your money.

Humans of Habit

For the most part, we as humans like patterns. We get into habits and sometimes it's hard to break them. For example, you may like your house a little cooler while you sleep so that you can cuddle up in your blankets. Then in the morning, you need your house a little warmer in order to get out of bed nice and early. Sometimes it can be hard to recognize your patterns, which is why a smart thermostat comes in handy. For example, your thermostat can come to recognize your patterns and anticipate them. Your thermostat can come to know that you sleep in on Saturday and so you may need the house chilled for longer. Programming a thermostat is not too difficult and it can make your habits a lot more comfortable.


Geofencing is basically when your thermostat knows when you are or are not home. Your thermostat sets up a kind of perimeter around your home and then tracks where your smartphone is. Instead of running your air conditioner constantly, where you pay to cool an empty house, your thermostat will only cool your home when you are there, or close to getting home. This incredible technology can save you a lot of money, without costing you your comfort.

End The Cycle

As previously stated, a basic thermostat monitors the temperature in your home to make sure it is where you want it. They do not have the capacity to change as you change, or learn about your habits. Smart thermostats end the cycle of wasting energy to cool your home when it does not need to be cooled.

In conclusion, learning thermostats are great because they figure out the pattern of how you want your home, and they stick to it. Instead of throwing your money out the window based on the weather, control your air conditioning and heating with a learning thermostat. Contact a company that offers air conditioning services for more information.