Is Your House A Little Chilly At Night? What Might Be Happening To Your Heat

4 December 2019
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Heating your home should not be a complicated thing. Turn on the heat, set the thermostat to a temperature you find cozy (or at least tolerable), and then wait for the house to warm up. However, if you find that your house seems a lot colder in the evening than it does during the day, you might be wondering if you need a heating repair technician. Here is what might be going on with the seeming dip in ambient temperature in your home at night. 

Warmer During the Day Because of Sunlight

If you leave your curtains or blinds open during the day, your house feels a lot warmer because the sunlight streaming in heats up your home a little more. You may also find that your furnace kicks on a little less frequently, even though the thermostat says it is the temperature you set it for. If may even feel a little warmer than you like it, and that has everything to do with the amount of sunlight you are letting in through the windows. As the sun goes down, that changes. 

Colder at Night with No Sun

Understandably, your house feels very cozy all day because the sunlight makes it warmer. When the sun goes down at four or five in the afternoon, the ambient temperature in your home dips. Your furnace turns on a little more often and runs a little longer each time. Even though it feels chilly in your house to you, the thermostat and furnace still say it is the temperature you wanted. As the night wears on, you may feel colder and colder, even though the furnace is still doing its job to keep up with the thermostat. 

Drafty Windows and Doors

Despite the best purchases in windows and doors for your home, there may still be a few leaks here and there. You can feel the chilly breezes sneaking through the cracks. If you are sitting near a window at night, you are going to feel a little colder than if you sat in the middle of the room away from the windows. 

Knowing When Cold Is Too Cold

If you are feeling more than just a chill in the evenings, turn up your thermostat about five degrees. If it feels a lot warmer in an hour, you know that it is just the aforementioned factors making you feel cold. If your house still feels cold, or feels colder yet, call an HVAC repair technician. 

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