Does Your Air Conditioning System Need Professional Attention?

21 February 2020
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Air conditioner repair work is a problem that will eventually come up with every unit. Some issues are simple, and you may even be able to handle them yourself. Others might require professional attention, and it's a good idea to know when that's the case. In these four situations, you may want to get in touch with a pro.

Nearly Constant Cycling

You may notice that the system is constantly running in cycles, even in weather that isn't especially hot or humid. This is oftentimes a sign that main features, such as pulling water out of the air, aren't getting the job done. It may also be an indication that the unit's electronics aren't getting accurate readings. Either way, it's a problem for an air conditioning repair services technician.

Water Is Leaking

Another sign that components are no longer getting the job done is that water is leaking out of any part of the system. Properly designed and working units are relatively closed systems everywhere except the two endpoints, one inside your house and the other outside. If anything is collecting in between, that's a problem.


When it's operating well, an air conditioning system should, if anything, reduce generally smelliness. If you're picking up the hint of any smells of decay or burning, it's time to have an air conditioning repair pro take a look. The problem may be as simple as clearing out old leaves from the outside components, but even that work should be handled by someone who knows what they're doing.

It's worth replacing any air filters in your system before calling a professional, though. Also, some musty smells may occur for the first 48 hours when you fire the system up for the first time after not using it for months. If things don't abate after that, contact a professional. Likewise, if there's smoke, shut things down right away.

Warm Air

Blowing warm air is usually a sign that the compressor needs to be recharged. This is work that should be handled by a professional because it involves legally regulated gases. It's also possible, especially if you hear noises, that there might be a mechanical problem preventing the system from blowing cool air.

In some cases, it may be a thermostat issue or a problem with an electronic relay. These situations usually lead to short cycles. If you have long cycles with warm air the entire cycle, there's probably a bigger issue.