What To Ask Yourself When Troubleshooting Your Air Conditioner

28 April 2020
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Have central air conditioning that isn't working right? If so, it helps to troubleshoot the problem by asking yourself these questions.

Is Air Coming Out Of the Ductwork? 

If you don't have any air that is coming out of your ductwork, this is likely due to the blower motor not functioning properly. Check to see if it is receiving power, since electricity is necessary for the blower fan to spin. If there are no tripped fuses and everything seems normal, it could be a blower fan motor that is broken. 

Is There Warm Air Coming Out Of The Ductwork?

Another common problem is air that feels warm, which can be due to a couple of reasons. Start by verifying that the compressor is running, since this outdoor component is necessary to cycle the refrigerant in the system. The compressor may not have electricity due to a tripped fuse, which is a simple fix. If the electricity is flowing to the compressor and it is not spinning, then you could have a damaged compressor that needs to be repaired.

If the compressor seems to be working fine, it is possible that there is a refrigerant leak somewhere in the lines. An easy way to verify this is to put soapy water over the refrigerant lines and look for air bubbles. This is a place where refrigerant is leaking out, which will require a repair of the line and recharging the system with more refrigerant.

Finally, check the evaporator coil inside the blower unit. Are the coils frozen? This can actually produce warm air in your home, since the frozen coils are preventing refrigerant from flowing through the system. Turn off the air conditioner, let the ice naturally thaw off the evaporator coil, and clean it with a special spray designed to get rid of the dirt and debris on this part.

Is The Air Conditioner Short Cycling? 

Your air conditioner may turn on and off quickly, which is a problem known as short cycling. This can happen from a simple problem, such as an air filter that is clogged due to not being regularly changed. Try swapping out the filter if it is dirty and see if that fixes the problem. Short cycling can also be caused by air conditioners that are oversized, which means too much cold air is being produced and the temperature is rising too quickly. The thermostat will detect the change and shut off the system before the whole house can cool down.

Stumped by your air conditioner problem? Reach out to a local HVAC technician for ac repair.