Three DIY Methods To Unclog Your Drain

10 August 2020
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Sometimes, a drain clog is so stubborn that you'll need to call in every service tech you can think of. In other cases, however, the clog can be taken care of by simply utilizing a few homemade remedies, like the ones listed below. You'll want to avoid over-the-counter products when attempting drain cleaning though since many of them are corrosive and can eat away at the inside lining of your pipes over time. Even if they succeed in punching a hole through your clog, they might not get the gunk off the sides, leaving you with another potential clog not far down the road.

Here are three quick and easy DIY methods to unclog that stubborn drain.

Wire Hanger

This is one that just about everyone has attempted at least once in their lifetime and can be surprisingly effective in the right circumstances. Take a wire hanger and straighten it out completely, leaving a slight hook in one end. Slide it down the drain until you find the clog and try to "hook" the clog, taking as much of the debris as you can. If you can, put on some gloves and use your hands to fish out some of the gunk as well.

Hot Water

If the wire hanger doesn't work, put a pot underneath a faucet and fill it up with hot water. Pour it down the drain in 3-4 stages, being careful not to splash the water out of the drain. While you can use boiling water (which will probably be most effective), you need to be more careful with older pipes and homes that use PVC plumbing, as the inside of the drains can weaken from the heat. If hot water alone doesn't help, you can always add a few squirts of dish soap, which might provide enough lubrication to help the clog slide down the drain.

Wet/Dry Vacuum

Though not the most ideal method, if the clog is near the surface, you might be able to get it out simply by putting the end of a wet/dry vacuum hose inside the drain and switching it on. With any luck (and enough force), you'll pull the clog out, forming one of the most "natural" DIY drain cleaning methods possible. You'll need to create a tight seal around the hose end, so try putting a plastic bottle or something similar around the drain entrance to create the most suction. 

If you need help, contact a drain cleaning contractor near you.