Avoiding Mistakes When Installing A New AC Unit

15 December 2020
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Installing an air conditioning system can have a big impact on your overall level of comfort. While an AC system can provide your home with a reliable source of cool air, it is a complex mechanical device, so some planning will be necessary in order to ensure this upgrade goes smoothly. Unfortunately, there are several planning mistakes that could result in major disruptions during this project or even damage to the new unit or the home.

Failing To Protect The Unit From Common Threats

There are some threats that most air conditioning units will have to face, and a homeowner should spend some time attempting to reduce the potential threat that these issues could pose. For example, hailstones from powerful storms can cause extensive damage to an exterior air conditioning unit. Protecting the unit from this problem will require the installation of an awning that will be able to shield the unit from hailstones and other debris falling from above. Another common problem for AC units is flooding. Failing to adequately plan for the drainage that the unit will need is a common reason for a unit being vulnerable to this damage.

Overloading The Electrical System

An air conditioning unit will typically require very large amounts of power in order to operate. Unfortunately, a homeowner may not accurately understand the full scale of the energy needs of their air conditioning unit. This can put them at a greater chance of choosing a unit that is capable of exceeding the electrical capacity of the building. In addition to reducing the effectiveness of the air conditioning unit, this may also put too much strain on the building's electrical system. Test the wiring of the building and review the energy needs of the AC unit so that you can ensure it will be compatible.

Failing To Choose A Unit That Is Large Enough For The Building

Choosing an AC unit that is undersized for your home is another mistake that should be avoided. This will result in the unit having to run for far longer periods of time, which can lead to it suffering more wear while increasing the amount of energy that the system wastes. Effectively sizing an air conditioning unit will require you to know the cooling output of the unit as well as the square footage of the area that you need to cool. While measuring the interior of your space can take a little work, it is necessary to help you choose an AC unit that will cool the area for years to come.

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