Furnace Replacement to Get Your Home Ready for Winter Weather

21 December 2020
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When your heating system is outdated, it causes several problems. The constant repairs can be costly, and the inefficient design can cause winter energy costs to be expensive. Therefore, it may be time for a furnace replacement for your home. The following furnace replacement solutions will help you add efficient heating to your home before next winter:

Efficient Gas Furnaces to Update Your Heating

The first option to update your heating is installing an efficient gas furnace. If you live in an area where natural gas resources are widely available, a gas furnace is one of the best solutions for household heating. There are also a lot of options to improve the efficiency of a gas furnace, such as installing a zoned heating design, upgrading the ductwork, and installing a modern programmable thermostat.

Hydronic-Air Heating Alternatives to Replace the Furnace

Another option to consider for your furnace replacement is a hydro-air system. These systems are alternatives to conventional furnaces and use a boiler instead. A hydro-air system provides your home with heating through a hydronic heat exchanger system. The heat exchanger is installed inside the air handler and warms the air as it passes through it. These systems are efficient, give you options for renewable energy, and can easily be expanded after installation.

Efficient Oil Furnaces That Can Also Burn Biofuels

There are also oil furnaces that can be used to provide your home with efficient heating. Many people don't know that modern oil furnaces are efficient and clean-burning systems. These furnaces are the perfect alternative if a gas system is not ideal for where you live. In addition, there are also options for biofuels that are special heating fuels made from waste products. This can make your oil heating system an environmentally-friendly solution for your home.

High-Efficiency Electric Furnaces That Can Use Renewable Energy

There are also high-efficiency electric furnaces. These systems are ideal because they can easily be installed and connected to renewable energy solutions. Renewable energy for the furnace can come from sources like solar panels or wind turbine systems. The electric furnace can be a great solution if you are want to plan renewable energy projects with HVAC systems that are ready. These systems can also have all the other modern technology, such as a zoned design and a smart thermostat.

Sometimes, replacing your furnace is the best solution to deal with an old heating system. Contact a furnace replacement service and talk to them about the best solution to reduce your winter energy costs.