Here Is What To Expect When Having A New AC System Installed In Your Home

26 January 2021
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Are you ready to have your old air conditioning system replaced with a new, more effective and energy-efficient option? There is a lot that goes into having a new AC system installed. Here is what you should expect:

The Initial Consultation

Before a new air conditioning system can be installed, your service provider will need to come to your home and assess your current situation. They need to know how your existing air conditioning system is set up and determine where you want your new system to be. They need to figure out where your new system will go and whether any components from the old system can be incorporated into the new system.

Once they analyze your home and AC setup, they can recommend some new air conditioning options and provide you with an accurate quote for the overall AC replacement job. They will also provide you with a timeline estimate of how long the installation process should take.

Removal and Remodeling

Before your new air conditioning system can be installed, your old one must be removed. More than likely, your old system and the new one you want to have installed will not be exactly the same. Therefore, the system might have to be installed in a new location and your duct system may have to be changed or moved in some way. The ducts might even have to be replaced altogether if the old and new systems are completely different.

Since you are replacing your AC system, it is probably several years if not decades old. Therefore, you should expect that your service provider will need to make some small remodels and changes to accommodate your new AC system. But the remodeling work will not be intrusive or leave behind any signs of recent construction.

Installing the New System

Installation may or may not take place on the same day that your old system is taken out and your home is prepped for the new system. It depends on the extent of the changes that need to be made. If all the work cannot be done in the same day, it should be completed within a couple days. The installation process can get a little messy and loud, so you should consider taking the kids to the movies or at least setting the yard up so they can stay outside and play where it is safe and away from the work area.

Contact a company that offers AC system installation services to learn more.