Four Heating Services You Can Get From HVAC Contractors

7 May 2021
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Ensuring you have a reliable and consistent supply of heat for your household is one of the essential factors to keep in mind, especially during the winter and cold seasons. Thus, at some point, you may need an HVAC contractor to provide one or more heating services to ensure that your heating needs are met.

However, what are the different types of heating services you can get from an HVAC contractor? Well, the type of heating services you need usually depends on the situation. For instance, you may want to install a new heating system or replace the old one.

Thus, here are four types of heating services you can get from an HVAC contractor under various situations.

Advice on a New Heating System

One of the most underrated heating services provided by an HVAC contractor is advising a homeowner on the best heating system to purchase. Before purchasing a new heating system, it is essential to consult an HVAC contractor on the best one to buy. 

An HVAC contractor knows how to calculate the specification of a heating system suitable for your home's heating needs. Additionally, due to their extensive knowledge and expertise in working with different types and brands of heating systems, they are capable of providing a list of recommended heating systems that will last for a long time, fit within your budget, and, most importantly, cater to your heating needs.

Heating System Installation

Once you buy a heating system/furnace, you might be tempted to DIY the installation. However, it is essential to note that properly installing a heating system and configuring it to match your heating needs is not a walk in the park for an untrained person. Any mistake you make in the DIY heating system installation could lead to one or more of the following unwanted situations:

• Insufficient heating 

• Extremely high energy bills

• Short cycling of the heater

• Damaged components

Hence, to avoid such circumstances, it is advisable to have an HVAC heating services provider conduct the installation process. These contractors are highly trained in installing a wide variety of heaters with different types of HVAC systems. Thus, the chances of a contractor making a costly mistake during the installation process are next to none. Besides, even if the contractor makes a mistake, they are bound by the warranty agreement to conduct a re-installation or repairs at no extra cost.

Maintenance Checks

It is advisable to have a heating services contractor conduct regular maintenance on your heating system to ensure that it keeps working optimally for a long time. During a maintenance check, the HVAC heating services contractor will examine every component in the heating system and ensure that it functions properly. Additionally, the contractor can detect potential problems that have yet to materialize and provide a solution that will prevent the issue from interfering with your heating.


Repair services are perhaps the most common type of heating services consumers rely on frequently. Over time, due to poor maintenance or a malfunctioning component, you will require the services of a heating repair contractor.

A heating repair contractor understands the function of every component in the heating system and the different reasons that can cause a heating system to malfunction or fail. Thus, these contractors are capable of easily troubleshooting the problem with your heating system and fixing it promptly.

Additionally, HVAC heating services contractors can advise you on the measures you need to take to prevent the heating system from malfunctioning more frequently.