Commercial HVAC Services: 4 Guidelines That Are Followed When Switching to Central Air Conditioning

11 April 2022
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Your old air conditioner may no longer be holding it together, and you may feel that it's about time you get a new one. The question is, with so many options available, where do you start? A professional air conditioning installation company will help you make the right choice for your commercial space. 

For example, central AC is a good choice because it increases energy efficiency. In addition, central AC is easy to use, and it has heightened performance. Your expert AC technician will follow the recommended guidelines to install yours, and consequently, you will increase the system's efficiency. Here are four guidelines followed if you choose to install commercial central air conditioning:

Removing the Old AC

You will have to remove the old AC to create room for the new system. Technicians from the air conditioning installation company will use specialized equipment to remove the old AC. This process involves the removal of the refrigerant and disconnecting electrical wiring from the old AC. This process is sensitive and must be carried out by a certified HVAC professional.

Heat-Gain Calculation

The professional air conditioning contractors will carry out a heat-gain calculation. This will help determine the size of the AC unit needed to meet your needs effectively. Additionally, the process will make you aware of your energy needs in maintaining desired room temperatures.

Model Determination

You will inevitably find a wide selection of AC models in the market. Making the right choice for your commercial space may therefore be daunting. The most efficient units are not necessarily those with a higher price tag. The best choices are units that are energy-efficient and less expensive to maintain. You may find units that cost less but are less energy-efficient and have higher maintenance costs. This ultimately ends up costing you more. Your air conditioning installation contractor will help you make a cost-effective AC choice for your business premises.

Ductwork Installation

If you already have a central air conditioner in your commercial space, it might be possible to use the old ductwork for the new air conditioner. In this case, the technician will first determine that the ducts are well connected. A comprehensive inspection of the existing ductwork will help to prevent possible leaks that could reduce the new system's efficiency. In some cases, modifications may have to be made to the existing ducts to accommodate the new AC.

Contact a commercial HVAC service if you have finally decided to switch to central AC. The company will help you prepare for the switch, remove the old AC, and choose the most efficient AC that is the right size for your commercial. They will also ensure that the installation is error-free to preserve the unit's lifespan.