Important Maintenance Your Air Conditioning Contractor May Do For The Condenser Parts

2 May 2022
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Spring is a good time to call your air conditioning contractor to service your AC. Your equipment should be cleaned, inspected, and serviced before you turn it back on for the summer so it's in good shape and ready to keep you cool.

Since the air handler is indoors, it may not get as dirty as the condenser outside, but the contractor still needs to check the blower, evaporator coil, and condensation line. The contractor may also want to give the ducts and thermostat a check while they're inside. Here are some maintenance tasks the contractor may need to do to the condenser outside.

Check Refrigerant Level

One reason you want a licensed air conditioning contractor to service your condenser is so they can deal with refrigerant issues. Only licensed professionals are allowed to remove and replace refrigerant. Hopefully, the AC contractor won't find anything wrong since refrigerant isn't supposed to leak out. It's still important to check since your AC won't operate optimally with low refrigerant, and the equipment may not be able to cool your house at all when the refrigerant gets too low.

Clean The Coils And Fins

The refrigerant coil in the condenser needs to be as clean as possible so heat can be released as the refrigerant flows through the coil. Also, the fins need to be clear so there is adequate airflow around the coil. This allows the refrigerant to work as it should so it can cool your house. The air conditioning contractor may need to scrub off the copper coil and use a tool to clean grass clippings and other debris from the ventilation fins.

Service The Fan Motor

The fan is an important part in the condenser since it blows heat out and away from the refrigerant line and condenser parts. If the motor has an issue, the fan may not run and then the compressor might overheat. In addition to servicing the motor, the contractor may need to clean the fan blades and make sure they are balanced properly.

Check The Wiring

Wires come into the condenser from the power supply and thermostat. Plus, all the parts in the condenser are connected with wiring, so the contractor will want to verify that the wiring is in good shape and electricity flows through the parts properly.

Another thing the air conditioning contractor may do is advise you about keeping the space around the condenser clear from weeds and other debris. If you have a hard time keeping up with mowing, you might want to put a wide gravel border around the condenser so weeds won't grow too close and block airflow.

For more information, contact a local air conditioning contactor