Want To Install A New AC System? 3 Things To Know About The AC Installation Process

20 May 2022
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An air conditioner makes life a bit more comfortable when the hot days come. If you haven't installed one, you should consider it a worthwhile investment. In case you have an air conditioner in your home, and it's not efficient and reliable, you may need to install a new one. However, you need to be a bit more serious with the AC installation process. When properly installed, an AC system can function properly for a long time. The problem comes when some people try to install it themselves, expecting to save more money. Unfortunately, you end up spending more when you install it yourself. It's, therefore, vital to leave the installation to a seasoned AC technician. But even as you prepare to install one in your home, it's good to understand something about the AC installation process.

What Happens Before Installation?

As a homeowner, it's good to know that certain things happen before the AC unit is installed. First, the technician inspects your home and the current AC system, if you have one. This helps them identify where the AC unit should be placed. They then take accurate measurements to help you choose an AC unit that perfectly meets your needs. They also assess your needs and suggest the best AC system options in the market. You should also create a budget to help you know how much the installation process will cost you. Of course, installing a new AC system might seem expensive, but you will definitely save more money in the long run.

What Does Preparation Entail? 

You should do something to make the installation process easier for the technicians. You could start by checking if the parking area is enough for the vehicles of the installation crew. Most technicians prioritize convenience because it makes their work easier and helps them save a lot of time. So ensure they can park near the house to save time getting tools and equipment from the vehicle. Also, check for any obstacles and remove them in good time to clear the way. If your furniture or appliances will somehow interfere with the process, ensure you remove them before the technicians arrive. Also, keep your kids and pets away to ensure they don't disrupt the technicians.

What Happens During the Installation?

A lot usually happens when installing an air conditioner. First, the technicians remove the old unit to create space for the new one. They handle things like refrigerant with extra care because they are dangerous and ensure it is correctly disposed of. They also disconnect the wiring without damaging the electrical system. After installing the AC unit, the technicians clean up the place and test it to ensure it's working properly.