Upgrading The Air Conditioning In Your Home

21 June 2022
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Improving the air conditioning system in your house is an upgrade that could greatly improve your comfort as well as the value of your property. An air conditioning upgrade can be a major undertaking, and a homeowner should be as prepared as possible throughout the process of making decisions about this upgrade.

Determine Whether Improvements Need To Be Made To The Ducting For The HVAC System

If you are replacing an existing air conditioning system, the ducting should be evaluated to see if it needs upgrades. Some homes may have ducting that will not allow them to maximize the use of their new air conditioning system. For example, the ducting may be too constricted for the enhanced output of the new unit. Some homes may experience gaps developing in their ducting, which can decrease the overall performance of any air conditioning system. Sealing the ducting or insulating it can also be upgrades that may allow a homeowner to make full use of their air conditioning system.

Integrating Air Purification Systems With The New HVAC System

Installing a new air conditioning system can be an opportunity to take steps to further improve the air quality in the home. An example of this benefit could be the installation of an additional air purification system. These systems are capable of providing dramatic improvements to the overall air quality of the home. For those that suffer from severe allergies, these systems can be especially important for minimizing the health issues that may be caused by significant exposure to allergens of various kinds. Those living in areas that experience wildfire smoke may also benefit greatly from these systems as they can reduce the prevalence of smoke particles that may enter the home.

Consider The Landscaping Changes That May Be Needed For The Area Around

The landscaping in the area around the air conditioning unit may need to undergo some changes. Bushes and other plants that are near the unit can impact its overall performance by reducing the amount of air that can enter the unit. Additionally, this may cause the unit to become clogged with leaves and other debris. Trimming these plants away from the area where the air conditioning unit will be placed can reduce all of these issues to keep the system running more efficiently. If the area where the unit will be placed is low, investing in leveling the ground can minimize the risk of the unit flooding during times when there is heavy rain.

Reach out to an HVAC contractor for more information about air conditioning installation.