Routine Furnace Maintenance Steps To Conduct Yearly

29 July 2022
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If you are a homeowner, taking care of your furnace is a task that needs to be done routinely so it stays in the best condition possible. Failure to maintain your system can cause damage to components, leading to possible downtime of your unit. Here are maintenance steps you can conduct to ensure your heater works as it should so it is available when you need to use it.

Make Sure To Replace The Filter

The air filter inside of your furnace needs to be replaced periodically. If you allow a dirty filter to remain in place, you risk having dirt get into the furnace, which can cause it to work improperly. Always swap out your furnace's filter at the beginning of the cold season so you start off with a new one. Make it a priority to remove and replace the filter at the beginning of each month so you always have a clean one in place.

Clean The Interior Areas

The ignitor is the area where the flame is present. If this area becomes dirty, the furnace may not light, or it may only light sporadically. To avoid this situation, turn off your furnace, unplug it, and clean the ignitor. This is done by wiping off the area with a clean piece of cloth to remove any loose debris. If you notice caked-on debris, use a wire brush dipped in water to gently brush away dirt from the area. Afterward, remove the door to the combustion chamber and use a small vacuum cleaner attachment to remove any charred remains from inside. Do these maintenance tasks a few times each winter to keep your furnace working properly.

Make An Appointment For Preventative Maintenance

It is best to contact a professional every year to perform an evaluation of your furnace and its components. This not only aids in keeping your warranty up-to-date if your furnace is new but also keeps extensive damage at bay, as problems will be found quickly. The best time of year to contact a heating service for maintenance is during the summertime months. This way, the service workers are available to perform repairs without the need to scramble to acquire parts to complete them during a time when cooler weather is already present. During a preventative maintenance session, the service worker will check over all parts of your furnace to assess whether replacements are needed and they will conduct a test to determine whether it is working properly.

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