What Could Be Leading To Poor Airflow In Your Home? 3 Possible Causes

5 January 2023
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An air conditioning system means you get a constant supply of fresh cold air. However, this does not always happen. With time and repetitive use, parts of the unit break down, leading to a drop in your system's efficiency. The result is poor airflow in the house, indicating that the AC is operating less optimally than it should. These are the three top reasons why you might be experiencing low airflow and how to resolve it.

When the System Does Not Suit Your Space 

There could be inefficiency in your AC system if you recently remodeled your home or if it is too large for the space. Note that a device that is too big for the space it is supposed to cool will run inefficiently, leaving too much humidity in the air and making the house uncomfortable. Similarly, a small unit might not cool the space effectively, leading to higher electric bills and uncomfortable living conditions. So, if you doubt whether your AC system is an ideal size for your house, get in touch with an AC expert to calculate your needs.

When You Have an Obstructed Vent

An obstructed vent is a common culprit in rooms with insufficient ventilation. Note that it's essential to have a clear airflow path to cool a home effectively. So, check the ceiling and walls along the baseboards for signs of blocked vents. Note that it's possible that the outlet could get blocked by upholstery, bedding, or even the damper. So, feel for airflow to determine if the vent is blocked or closed. However, if open but insufficient air gets expelled, the problem may lie in the fan motor.

When There Are Clogs in the Air Passageways

Moisture and static pressure in the room can cause particles in the air to adhere to the duct when it moves through your system. Eventually, a buildup of such particles might lead to air quality and ventilation problems. Additionally, the ducting in your home is another potential nesting spot for farm rodents. So, hire a skilled AC repair technician to clean your home's air ducts and remove the nests. Ultimately, this is the most effective way to ensure everything gets thoroughly cleaned and that no allergens or dust are left behind.

Other causes of trouble include clogged filters and leaky ducts. You should hire a skilled AC repair expert to assess your entire system and rule out any possible causes of complications. With their help, you can improve indoor airflow and increase the unit's longevity.

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