Home Heating Mistakes You Shouldn't Make

19 January 2023
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Winter is approaching, and you will need your heating system more than ever. However, you must be careful not to make mistakes that might increase your heating costs. That said, read on to explore the heating mistakes people make so that you can avoid them.

Failing to Service Heating Systems

As the winter approaches, you'll need to tune up your furnace or whatever heating system you use. Doing so helps the furnace perform much better. As a result, you won't have trouble heating your space during winter. Moreover, a well-serviced furnace doesn't use much power, meaning your heating bills won't be high.

Heating an Empty Space

Heating your home while you are away is a waste of time and resources. Besides, why would you heat your residence when you are at work? You should install a smart thermostat that will switch off the furnace while you are away. And if you want to find a warm space, the thermostat will crank up the heat right before you return home.

Cranking Up Your Thermostat

Some folks assume that cranking up their thermostat will help heat their homes faster. Unfortunately, things don't work like that. Cranking up the thermostat will cause your furnace to run longer than usual. So, expect a higher utility bill if you turn your thermostat too high.

Failing to Change the Air Filters

Like most HVAC systems, your furnace has an air filter that traps dust and other debris. These filters become dirty and clogged up after some time. As such, you must keep changing them to avoid ruining your indoor air. 

You shouldn't allow your furnace to run with dirty air filters as it might cause respiratory and allergy problems. Besides, dirty filters can impede your furnace's performance and cause your heating bills to rise.

Leaving Your Windows Open

Heating your house requires you to have all the windows and doors closed. Otherwise, your furnace will struggle to keep the space warm. Leaving the windows open allows the heat to escape quickly. As such, the furnace must keep running to keep your loved ones warm. And the longer your furnace runs, the higher the heating bills will be.

Ignoring Insulation Problems

Insulation helps retain the warmth that your heating system produces. Therefore, you should always pay attention to insulation problems in your house. Look for gaps or cracks that might allow heat to escape from your home. If you find any, seal them immediately. By doing so, you'll have minimized the hours that your furnace needs to run.

Contact a heating contractor for more information.