A Lack Of Heating System Maintenance Can Lead To A Fire

4 May 2023
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Routine maintenance of your home's heating system is not just essential to maintaining access to warm air. Maintenance is also an important part of keeping the system operating safely. A unit that is not maintained correctly can introduce several safety issues, including a fire hazard.

Faulty Wiring

Some heating systems are electricity-based. As with any other electrical system, wiring issues can cause a significant problem. As a heating system ages, the condition of its wiring can wear. An issue with rodents or animals in the attic can also lead to wiring damage. 

When a wire is damaged, the electrical voltage can no longer travel through it safely. As a result, a surge in voltage could cause the wires and the heating system to ignite in flames. An annual system check-up typically involves a complete inspection of the unit, including the wires, which can help homeowners avoid this sort of hazard.

Clogged Air Filter

When it comes to an air filter, most homeowners focus on the cooling aspect. However, it is equally important to change the filters when it comes to heat, especially in a gas-powered system. When a heating system is clogged with dirt, allergens, and other debris, it can restrict airflow.

Restricted airflow can lead to a decline in the oxygen supply inside the unit. A lack of oxygen internally can cause gas to build up inside the unit, which can cause the flame inside the system to ignite. Changing your filter every few months and staying on top of maintenance can help ensure the oxygen supply stays ample. 

Worn Heat Exchanger

As its name might suggest, the goal of the heat exchanger is to heat the air that passes over it. Given the components of this system, there is often a significant amount of carbon monoxide generated in this space. However, when the heat exchanger is intact, this dangerous gas is securely contained inside. 

As the heat exchanger wears down, tiny cracks form in the exchange that allows the carbon monoxide to escape. As a highly flammable gas, as carbon monoxide travels throughout the home, it can easily ignite if it makes contact with a suitable heat source. It is imperative that a worn heat exchange be repaired or replaced as soon as possible. 

Make sure you prioritize routine maintenance with your home's heating system, and if you suspect any issues in your unit, contact an HVAC professional immediately. For more information, contact a company like All Seasons Heating & Cooling.